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World Peace Through Inner Peace

The Dhammmakaya International Meditation Center (D.I.M.C.) is a non-profit organization, whose primary purpose is teaching meditation. It is our conviction that individual peacefulness of mind underlies the collective potential for harmony and peace in the world. D.I.M.C. operates under the Dhammakaya Foundation, headquarters in Thailand, a non-governmental organization of the United Nations.

D.I.M.C. was founded in California in 1992 by a group of people interested in the practice of meditation. The new meditation center is located in the beautiful city of Azusa, California. The center is surrounded by nature with the San Gabriel Mountains as a backdrop. The settle atmosphere creates the tranquil environment perfectly suited for meditation.

Dhammakaya Meditation technique is effective and easy to learn. Everyone can benefit from it regardless of age,race or religion.

D.I.M.C. Regulations

In order to preserve a chaste and peaceful environment, D.I.M.C. would ask for your cooperation in the following respects while on the premises:

-  No smoking or addictive substances. 
-  No trading, promotions, leafleting, electioneering, or 
-  No newspaper or magazines.
-  No radio, romantic music, dancing, gambling, lotteries 
   and fortunetelling.
-  No pets allowed
-  No unauthorized release of animals on the premises.
-  Please dress conservatively as in Temple attire.
-  Operating hours: 9:30 am- 5:00 pm.
-  Specific interests by appointments.

The world of today, as always, needs more voices of understanding, more acts of generosity, and more of the spirit of peace.

Meditation will lead you to access the natural core of strength that lies at the center of your being. Meditation permits a connection to your inner source, allowing the release from roles we are caught in: work, parenting concerns, and any other duties and responsibilitees.

Happiness, health, and success are all locked within, anxiously awaiting release. Trying to find happiness outside ourselves only leads to expectations and frustration. The more attention given to objects and relations as the sources of happiness, the more we are frustrated, lose our temper, experience anger, and injure our minds.


Meditation now and watch yourself improve!

Your emotions dramatically affect your health, and stress exacts a terrible toll on your body. Meditation results in improvements in your overall well being. Meditation can help each individual find peace and wisdom within. The practice of meditation and mindfulness will support the individual in living in the world.

Benefit of Meditation

-  Reduces Stress
-  Increases Mental Clarity 
-  Enhances Memory
-  Profound Level of Calm, Joy and 
   Inner Peace
-  Harmony of Body and Mind



Come discover the benefits of meditation.


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