Nun Khun Yai Chand Khonnokyoong




Master Nun Chand Khonnokyoong often said she didn't do much beyond cleaning - simply ensuring that her mind, speeches, and physical acts and the temple were clean. It was because of the cleanliness that she was able to build the Dhammakaya Temple at the age of 60.


The Unlikely Hero

Forty-four years ago, no one would have thought that a frail, plain-looking  elderly woman who could neither read nor write  would become the founder of a temple that has brought peace and happiness to the lives of millions of people worldwide.

As the "Second - to - None" mediatation disciple of Ven. Phramongkolthepmuni who rediscovered the knowledge about the Dhammakaya which had  been lost to the world 500 years after the passing of the Buddha, Master Nun Chand was chosen to be passing the torch of knowledge to Luang Phor Dhammajayo, then a young high-school student.

Affectionately called "khun Yai" meaning "Grandma" by her disciples, Master Nun Chand passed away in 2000 at the age of 91. Yet, she remains an inspiration and a role model of someone with a humble beginning who was determined to bring happiness to as many as possible - one peaceful mind at a time.


This are some examples of how Khun Yai Chand has changed the world of many by sharing the Buddha's knowledge of the Dhammakaya:

  1. A boy who defeated his bullies by spreading loving kindness
  2. A woman  who overcame heartbreak through the joy of mediation
  3. A man who conquered addiction with constant recitation of the mantra "Summa Arahung"
  4. A pimpwho willingly shut down his highly profitable business to live his higher self
  5. A family on the verge of breaking down unified


The Embodiment of Unconditional Love for Humankind

Khun Yai was determined to keep her promise to carry on her teachers' vision to spread the knowledge of the Dhammakaya mediatation tradition so that people worldwide would find their own internal refuge  and infinite source of happiness. Khun Yai never stopped giving until her very last day - never making an excuse out of her age, illnesses, lack of money, and a torrent of detactors.

At 60 years old, she chose the difficult path of founding a temple with mere starting sum of 3,200 bath ($107). It was hard work for someone of her age, living on a piece of land with no running water and soil so arid that even grass refused to grow. She was misunderstood, verbally attacked and fell ill many times but never did she feel descouraged or give up. If she did, we woundn't have seen these unprecedented, uplifting, real-life images of one million people meditating to gether for individual happiness and world peace.